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Our Programs

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Beit Midrash Arevot

Our incubator of ideas and action

In our Beit Midrash we explore Sephardi-‎Mizrachi texts to obtain the tools that rebuild our distinct female Sephardi/Mizrahi voice. This voice echoes the traditions, wisdom and experiences of the mothers and grandmothers that did not get to be heard. This is the voice of traditionist feminism of which Arevot is a laboratory.  

Beit Midrash

Metaksot (crative rituals)

Renewal of the ritual language of our communities

The women of Metaksot (creative rituals) create a space for renewing rituals inspired by Sephardi and Mizrahi Jewish traditions, in response to the needs of contemporary women. The purpose is threefold: to rebuild a connection between generations; to strengthen solidarity among women; to impact our communities as a whole by healing the breach between generations. 

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Morot Tzedek

(Teachers of Justice)

Program of Halachic Training for Women led by Rabbi Haim Ovadia

Morot Tzedek is our program of halachic training based on Sephardi rabbinic sources which faced the challenges of modernity with compassion for people’s needs and creativity in halachic reasoning. Rabbi Haim Ovadia is training fifteen participants to become halachic advisors and social leaders.

Morot Tzedek

Bat HaMizrach (Daughter of the East)

Publication of a booklet on Sephardi/Mizrahi female trailblazers


Bat Hamizrach is a publication project aimed at developing and publicizing knowledge on ground-breaking female intellectuals from Sephardi and Mizrachi communities in recent generations. The printed and online products are aimed to serve teachers, educators, Beit Midrash facilitators, community leaders and the general public in Israel and abroad. The materials will be developed in Hebrew, English and French and will be published as a book, articles, and lesson-plans.

Bat HaMizrach

Credit: Shlomit Carmeli

Shokhakot Even 

(Eroding the Stone)

Life stories of Mizrahi grandmothers who accomplished an education 

Stories of real mothers and grandmothers that, against all odds and difficulties, accomplished an education at an older age. These stories have been written by daughters and grand-daughters who have taken these women out of their anonymity and turned them into female role models. These stories will be published as a collective book.

Shokhakot Even

Towards Arevot International

We share our vision with Jewish women out of Israel

Arevot collaborates with communities and initiatives out of Israel (Feminism All Night, Moishe House Montreal, Makom Sefarad) to share and discuss our perspective on Sephardi tradition and feminism. It is our hope to establish an ongoing dialogue with different women in the Jewish world with whom to be thought partners. 

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Credit: Eugenio Hermoso


Megilat Ruth- Writing Group

Written production based on learning and discussion

Using Megilat Ruth as our textual anchor, we embarked ourselves in the journey of learning about this text and about ourselves: about the relationships between women in the megillah, the division of space as reflective of power relations, exile and return, alienation and recognition, blessings, compassion and justice. Following our learning, we started writing. The group is collectively led by its members and coordinated by Heftsibah Cohen-Montagu.

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